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Subversion of Democracy

Subversion of Democracy

Subversion of Democracy

What is Democracy?  The short answer comes from the word itself.  From the Ancient Greek dēmokratiā we have dēmos (people) and kratos (power/strength).


The power of a democracy is in the people.
When power is wrestled away from the people they loose their ability to protect their own liberty and the power is in the hands of those who have wrestled it away.
Subversion of Democracy is the taking of power from the people.  This can take many forms and is only limited by the imagination of those who seek to take power or destroy us.
One obvious way is stuffing the Ballot Box  or changing votes. The actual voting process offers opportunity for those who wish to subvert our democracy to their own benefit.
Another way to subvert democracy is to trick voters by controlling the information they receive.


a suppression of the press could not more completely deprive the nation of its benefits, than is done by its abandoned prostitution to falsehood.

Thomas Jefferson 1807

To the extent voters are denied facts that would have changed their votes;  it has the same effect of stealing votes as if ballots were physically changed.


As the people/voters who hold power are deceived it subverts democracy at its most important link: the ability of the people to obtain the “truth and light”.


Thomas Jefferson affirmed that light upholds liberty, that a free government relies on enlightened citizens.


…within the breast of every honest human being, liberty, truth, probity, honor, are declared to be the four cardinal principles of society.


Thomas Jefferson 1816


A third way to subvert democracy is by demoralization

Russia has been going at us for years, their subversion operations gives  us push a pull, spending lots of money influencing  and infiltrating institutions including  the NRA, Conservative Media, our government, religious organizations steering us to destroy ourselves from within.  Demoralization occurs when we sacrifice many of the most important aspects of our morality for something else in return. Its Kinda like Robert Johnson:



TRUMPS BRAND: Ayn Rand, Robert Reich



See how the Catholic Church Is being infiltrated by those who stoke fear hate racism war


and have already spread discord across the world drawing us closer to war,


making Putin more powerful while subverting and destroying our moral centers,


institutions and our ability to protect our own liberty.


The infiltration and subversion of the American Christians including the Catholic Church in the Vatican     IN SITE LINK










Another example is “fake news” .
To the extent that fake news is disseminated to voters it obstructs the “light” which upholds liberty.
FAKE NEWS believed by voters is a subversion of democracy with the same effect of stealing votes as if the ballots were physically changed.
Jefferson affirmed that Light upholds Liberty, that a free government relies on Enlightened Ciitizens

Jefferson affirmed that Light upholds Liberty, that a free government relies on Enlightened Citizens.


When power is taken from the people, so too shall their liberty be lost.
Political Warfare and Psychological Operations used to Manipulate U.S. Voters
Don’t let definitions fool you.