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Subversion of Democracy is the taking of power
from the people.  This can take many forms and is only limited by the imagination of those who seek to take power or destroy us.
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Democracy can be subverted on many levels.  On one level it can be subverted in the worlds eye and the peoples eye by what is broadcast in the news. Is the voting corrupt?  Are our intelligence agency’s not to be trusted? Are our war hero,s bad? Are our gold star fathers bad? Are the courts corrupt? Is our FBI corrupt? Are all our politicians to be distained? Is the news not to be believed? Is the Pope a bad man?  Soon Thomas Jefferson himself will be a target.

On another level it can be subverted in its functioning such as changing the actual votes. This could include gerrymandering, stopping people from voting, bribery, corruption, infiltration, using judiciary as a weapon of political warfare,and and as demonstrated by Russia it can include jailing the opposition, poisoning and murder.

A democracy could be subverted by its physical destruction such as in a war.

A democracy can be subverted by controlling what information comes into the voters mind.

Democracy is under attack all over the world



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MI5 chief: Russia trying to undermine European democracies;   the Kremlin was taking part in “deliberate, targeted, malign activity intended to undermine our free, open and democratic societies. calling for the need “to shine a light through the fog of lies, half-truths and obfuscation that pours out of their propaganda machine”.

14 May 2018




Democracy is under attack

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